NFPA Membership Brochure

A Message From the President
John Cady
At NFPA, it is our mission to provide unmatched service and assistance to food processors…support that no other trade association offers its members.

Through our three cutting-edge scientific centers, staffed by more than 60 scientists and 20 PhDs, NFPA provides members with laboratory services, technical and regulatory expertise, and hands-on scientific assistance. Members use NFPA as an extension of their staffs.

NFPA’s “best in the business” government affairs group provides members with the information they need; and the representation they deserve; on critical federal and state government issues, protecting your company’s interests on Capitol Hill and around the country. And to media and consumers, NFPA serves as the voice of the food processing industry, communicating our industry’s investment in food science and countering attacks on the quality and safety of food products.

Plus, our unique crisis assistance and Claims programs; including a 24–hour hotline to provide members with scientific and communications support in handling recalls and other “special situations”; help resolve problems that can be devastating for food companies.

In short, NFPA provides members with a level of direct assistance, representation, and service that just isn’t available anywhere else.

Please take a few minutes to read more about NFPA … and then ask yourself: “My competitors are NFPA members … can my company afford NOT to belong to NFPA?” Give us a call; we stand ready to serve you.