Tzvi Odzer’s janitorial supplies business

Starting and running a janitorial supplies business is a very rewarding experience. It has its ups and downs, but can be profitable. Tzvi Odzer runs a janitorial supplies business and is characterized by many challenges. However, he has remained quite successful.
The business began over six years ago. Initially, he did not have any links with supply providers and equipment dealers. Odzer was forced to market himself and began to create a link with supply providers and dealers. This allowed him to access the necessary resource to ensure the success of his business. Currently, Odzer has many professional links with several suppliers and dealers. The business has grown over the years and is profitable.
The business has a constant flow of janitorial customers who are growing tremendously. This forced Tzvi Odzer to employ twenty-two people over the years to assist him. He also has agreements with several equipment suppliers that ensure his business has the necessary resources or inputs. Odzer still continues his networking activities. This is achieved through marketing, and the business attracts many clients.
The business is facing intensive competition from other janitorial suppliers. This influenced Odzer to begin online operations. This has increased the geographic area in which the business can operate. Over the last six months, the business has grown by 40% due to online clients. Furthermore, the business also allows clients to use its supplies at a 20% discount for the first three months after a contractual agreement. This has been quite effective in gaining customers. Moreover, it has been beneficial in increasing clients despite the intense competition facing the business.
The business also acquired Lintec, an established janitorial supplies business. The business now has a new branch and an additional 20 employees. This significantly improved the bottom-line and profitability soared. The business has now emerged as a janitorial supplies leader, and it led to a constant flow of new clients.
The business has begun to use green cleaning products. These are cleaning materials that are environmentally friendly to its clients. It has been quite an effective strategy that has attracted new clients. The green cleaning materials are much cheaper than traditional cleaners that are harmful to the environment. Due to this, the business has been able to gain clients.
The business has been facing billing issues with some clients. In many cases, clients have been unable to pay on time, and it was difficult for the firm to end its contractual agreement to retain clients and also ensure that its debt has been paid. A large number of clients have been attracted to this strategy, and most of them pay their debts on time despite being late. Moreover, Odzer has been able to avoid any disastrous consequences on the business. This has been achieved through high profits and cheap products. The business has partnered with some suppliers to ensure that it gets high-quality goods at a low price.
The janitorial supplies business can be quite challenging, but with the right strategies, it can turn out to be very profitable. Odzer has been able to establish a successful business. Through marketing and networking, the business has formed linked with equipment suppliers, dealers, and clients. Tzvi Odzer also employed more personnel and acquired a rival business. The business also operates online and uses green cleaning solutions. These have bene attractive to customers.