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OTC drugs give people the opportunity to get rid of many unpleasant symptoms and treat a certain kind of disease in a simple way without spending funds on a visit to the doctor. However, in order to use these medications safely, certain knowledge, common sense, and responsibility are required.

In addition to substances such as aspirin and acetaminophen (paracetamol), which people generally refer to as over-the-counter drugs, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers many other commonly available over-the-counter drugs. Many kinds of toothpaste, mouthwashes, some types of wart removers, first aid creams and ointments containing antibiotics and even dandruff shampoos are products of the “over-the-counter drugs” category.

Some over-the-counter drugs were initially prescription-only. After many years of prescription use, drugs with an excellent reputation for safety can be transferred by the FDA to the category of OTC drugs. Examples of such drugs are the analgesic ibuprofen and the remedy for indigestion famotidine. Often the over-the-counter version contains a significantly lower amount of active ingredient in each tablet, capsule or capsule-shaped tablet than the corresponding prescription drug. By setting the right doses of OTC drugs, manufacturers and the FDA are trying to find a balance between safety and effectiveness.

OTC drugs are far from always tolerated better than similar prescription drugs. For example, an over-the-counter sleeping pill diphenhydramine can cause the same severe adverse effects as many prescription sleeping pills (especially in older people).

When the FDA considers converting a prescription drug to an over-the-counter category, safety is the main issue on the agenda. Most over-the-counter drugs, unlike healthy foods, dietary supplements (including herbs), and complementary therapies have been subjected to rigorous scientific research. Nevertheless, a certain benefit and risks are inherent in all drugs, therefore, in order to benefit from the use of a drug, one should put up with a certain degree of risk. Determining an acceptable degree of risk is a matter of personal decision.

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