Food Processors Institute (FPI)

The Food Processors Institute (FPI) is the education provider for the National Food Processors Association located at 1350 I St NW #300, Washington, DC 20005. The Food Processors Institute offers seminars and courses that support the food processing industry, and creates publications, videos, and other training materials for the continuing education of food industry and related staff. The Food Processors Institute also makes designs workshops for specific company education needs. Workshops that the Food Processors Institute hosts includes: HACCP, Verification and Validation, Managing Allergens in the Processing Plant, Food Security, Microbiology, Irradiation, and Better Process Control Schools. Visit the Food Processors Institute’s website for more information on FPI’s education materials.

The Food Processors Institute (FPI) is the nonprofit education provider for the NFPA. Established in 1973, the institute offers:

Contact Information:

1350 I Street, NW Suite 300
Washington, DC , DC 20005
email: [email protected]
202-393-0890, 1-800-355-0983