Office of Food Security & Emergency Preparedness
Expert, Full Service Total Security, Emergency Preparedness & Response Programs
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With the ever-emerging threats of violence and terrorism in our nation today, it is critical that companies develop and maintain high-quality security and emergency preparedness measures and programs specifically designed to guard and protect against these threats, no matter the size or type of the corporation.

FPA’s Office of Food Security & Emergency Preparedness now offers a wide array of support programs, training programs, and response programs to our membership, that will enable and assist them in the development of their security programs and individual site-specific security needs. Our dedicated team of full-time experienced experts utilizes the latest techniques, methods and state-of-the-art practices as well as cutting edge technologies to better assist and prepare our member companies with the daily and potential security & safety challenges that lie ahead.

FPA Food Security Planner
A software-based tool that can help food processing companies identify and document preventive security countermeasures that minimize risk.
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Summary of Benefits offered by NFPA’s Office of Food Security & Emergency Preparedness:
Threat Analysis, Policy and Infrastructure policy and procedures, Physical Security Plan Development including building design, Perimeter and internal safeguards, Electronic Security, Administrative & Staff Security, Security and Emergency Response Arrangements, Preparedness, Catastrophic event pre-incident training and more!

Development of auditable Security Plans for Processing Plants in coherence with Federal Regulations and Guidelines. (Hot!)
Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment of Processing Plants against terrorism (Hot!)
Designing/Presenting Table Top Exercises in Emergency Preparedness for plant managers, supervisors and employees. (Hot!)
Developing an effective Crisis Management and Response Program
Liaison to the Federal and State Governments (Hot!)
Representation on the Food & Agricultural Sector Coordinating Council (Hot!)
Background Investigations & Pre-employment screening processes (Hot!)
Executive and Corporate Office Protection Advice
Product/Brand Food Safety & Security Protection Advice
Workplace Violence Training for Management & Employees (Hot!)
Building Relationships with Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders
Cargo/Transportation Security against fraud and terrorism. (Hot!)
Responding to the emerging threat of Terrorism- Lecture
CCTV and Perimeter Alarm System Selection, Setup and Organization
Developing a working key-control program
Responding/Identifying Bombs and other types of physical threats.
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Rod Wheeler, Director
Office of Food Security & Emergency Preparedness
Food Products Association
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