Fun Facts Crossword Puzzle

3. What food package is 100%recyclable?
6. In combination with number 8 across, eat five a day of these for health!
8. In combination with number 6 across, eat five a day of these for health!
9. This kind of food protector comes in many mold-able shapes and sizes.
11. Sometimes considered a vegetable, this round, red food is really a fruit.
12. Ground _______ should be cooked until it is 160° F.
13. A government agency that works with the food industry. Hint: Food and Drug Administration
1. This food, which is usually pasteurized for safety, comes in apple, cranberry, grape, and a lot of other flavors.
2. Read this on every food product for nutrition information.
4. Pasteurization uses this treatment to make food safe.
5. Pesticides keep these away, so crops are more plentiful.
7. Wash your hands with _______ before handling food.
8. Foods are lightly cooked before they are chilled and then _____________ to keep them safe.
10. 40 degrees F keeps foods _______.

Answers to Puzzle