NFPA Food Security Planner

What is the Food Security Planner?

The Food Security Planner by Trap-It is a software-based tool. It employs a proven risk management technique: Triangular Risk Assessment Process using Iterative Techniques. Thus: TRAP-IT™.

What does it do?

It can help food processing companies identify, and document, preventive security countermeasures that minimize risk. It also guides the development of a Full-Fledged Food Security Plan. This Plan, automatically customized to a specific food processing facility, will allow the facility management and security staff to respond quickly if an incident occurs. The Plan can also be used as certified documentation that a company has instituted real security measures.

What does the NFPA Security Plan provide?

It provides a facility specific security management strategy to minimize the threat of tampering, criminal, or terrorist actions with your food products that is consistent with FDA, FSIS/USDA, and food industry security guidelines.

Specifically, it is a documented analysis of potential food security risks and the risk management strategies and tools being used to minimize or eliminate such risks. The Plan identifies a food security response team, it establishes training and record-keeping programs, and provides a structure that allows independent auditing of performance relative to the plan over time

How does the Food Security Planner work?

It applies information about a facility and its operation to a triangular risk assessment model. It analyzes Threats, Targets and Access.

Threats are defined as people with bad intent.
Targets are exposed, or unsecured ingredients, work in process, or product
Access is the opportunity for Threats to contact Targets

For more information, contact:

Rod Wheeler, Director
Office of Food/Physical Security and Emergency Preparedness
National Food Processors Association
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