Food Security and Emergency Preparedness

Food Security and Emergency PreparednessRecommended emergency home food reserve (7 days):

  • Drinking water at a rate of 3 liters per day and per person;
  • The body’s need for water is from 28 to 35 ml per kilogram of body weight;
  • The need for water depends on age, the nature of work and activities, health status, weather, excessive sweating (hot weather, hard physical work) and increased salt intake.

For an adult, it is recommended to stock:

  • various canned foods (meat, fish, mixed, canned beans);
  • bagged soups / mashed powder and cereals that are easy to prepare;
  • prepared pasta, vegetable, grain or bean dishes with meat (the product is used preheated or without heating);
  • cereal products (bread, cookies with a salty or neutral taste);
  • carbohydrate-rich foods (sweet cookies, caramel, canned fruits, dried fruits, halva, condensed milk).

To feed young children, it is recommended to stock:

  • powdered substitute for breast milk (milk mixture), providing the daily need for a healthy six-month-old baby in milk (1 liter per day);
  • easy-to-cook cereal products;
  • powdered mashed potatoes and cereals that are easy to make;
  • ready meals for young children with meat (the product is consumed preheated or unheated);
  • neutral taste cookies as an additional cereal product to the main course;
  • a carbohydrate-rich product (sweet cookies, coffee cream, condensed milk, marmalade) that does not contain preservatives or other substances unsuitable for young children;
  • the proper amount of properly packaged water.

When collecting food supplies for emergency preparedness, follow these guidelines:

  • Food should be of high quality and safe for consumption;
  • Groceries must be packed;
  • After opening the package, the food should be suitable for consumption within one day;
  • Food must be stored at a temperature of 0 ° … + 25 ° C, and the product must withstand temperatures of -30 ° … + 40 ° C for a short time. The expected shelf life of food at room temperature ensures the safety and long-term preservation of food;
  • Shelf life of food can be at least 6 months;
  • For home cooking, dry foods are preferred. Food packaging must be strong enough to handle and preserve;
  • Choose the food your family eats;
  • Think about cooking without electricity and a hotbed of heating!

Sample menu in an emergency:

  • Pack of crackers 175 grams, 558 kcal;
  • Canned meat 300 grams, 866 kcal;
  • Sweets 100 grams, 517 kcal;
  • Water 3 liters;
  • Total: 1941 kcal.

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