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How I Explain The Diet  My Personal ExperienceMy name is Tina and I am on maternity leave. My specialization is a pharmacist. I didn’t leave my work at Texas Chemist Pharmacy as my drugstore is an online one. I manage to grow up my daughter and help people buy top-quality medications. But being a woman I want to keep my body in a good shape and start realizing what proper nutrition is and how to keep diet in a right way. I have undergone online classes where I made my own opinion about the diet itself. One more point: my job at Texas Chemist Pharmacy is a great option to multitasking. Let’s start from the very beginning.

Until now, questions about weight gain or getting rid of excess fat remain unanswered for most. Especially in the abdominal area, where everyone dreams of seeing abs cubes or just a straight line. But few people really try to figure out and understand the true causes of problems with the weight and composition of their body.

I want to repeat once again: you will gain weight from an overabundance of calories, and you will lose weight when there is its deficit.

It seems to be very simple – there is a body – it has a capacity of energy (the basic consumption of calories just for its normal existence) – there is an incoming component in the form of food. To understand the average numbers, which I have already analyzed in detail , I will say that on average, about 30 kilocalories per kilogram of weight are needed to maintain body weight. About 24 will create an optimal deficit, and 35 per kilogram will allow you to systematically increase weight.

I will not analyze the mathematical subtleties here. I just want to say that this is the only and most important indicator when correcting body weight – working with a deficit or surplus of energy.

This explains the situation when people come to the gym and start to drive themselves, increasing the daily energy body consumption, they help decrease some weight. At the same time, the incoming calories do not become less, and sometimes even more. Which leads to the opposite effect. While a person runs for two hours, after which he also visits the gym, he certainly loses weight. It is only necessary to deviate a little from training (the nutrition has not changed) and the body weight becomes slightly more than at the start. Most often it is mainly fat.

The so-called boomerang effect, when after a deficiency the body tries to make up for everything with a reserve – and this is primarily fat, and of course it is on the stomach and ass.

Considering what products most ordinary people have (trans fats, sugars, mayonnaise, etc.), all this leads exclusively to a set of adipose tissue, which then will have to be burned even harder. So it’s worth figuring out how and what to eat – pay attention to it only once and the learned rules will fit into your lifestyle, if you need it, of course.

Diet, according to the definition, is the rules of eating food, according to its kind, quality, quantity and time. Note that there are no words about limitation, exclusion, torment, suffering and rejection of something. Diet is just a set of rules and guidelines. You and I should just sort out the basic principles and laws of the mechanisms of food assimilation, fat burning and mass collection processes in order to assimilate and begin to apply them in your live.

I have just one question for you. Answer it honestly. Think about it properly. It will be quite difficult for you to implement these rules without answers. Are you ready? and Why do you need diet?

I want you to honestly think for yourself for about half an hour about what you want to get from food. How you want to see and feel your body. After all, many do not have a specific goal. Someone is used to the way he looks, including not ideal body shapes may suit you. If you lose weight, then for what? How important is this to you? If you are gaining weight, then where do you need this mass and why. Examine your attitudes and beliefs on this topic. You will understand the true reasons why you should keep diet.

And already with the existing understanding of the task – through the prism of this goal, which you have consciously set yourself – start looking for answers to your questions. There is nothing difficult about losing or gaining weight. Believe me, I went from 90 kilograms to 65 in a few months. I’ve already known what I’m talking about.

But I had a goal. I wanted to go on stage – to the competition and try myself there. I didn’t want to win, to become second or third, and I didn’t become the winner, but I came out after I had done this way. I have studied everything from personal experience and made conclusions. Then I worked on the errors and simplified everything to the algorithms. You just need to study them and try to achieve the goal. Nothing complicated. My picture is on the cover. This is about how I’ve been looking for several years without much effort all year round. You can, too. You can become whatever you want to become.

Think over your goal and go ahead!

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