The Food Products Association

The Food Products AssociationThe Food Products Association or FPA was the main scientific and technical trade association of the United States representing the food industry until 2007. FPA was located in Washington, D.C., with subsidiaries in Dublin, California, and Seattle, Washington. The association focused on government and regulatory issues, research, technical assistance, education, communications and crisis management.

FPA was founded in 1907 as the National Association of Chancellors. It became the National Food Processors Association in 1978, and the Food Association in 2005. On January 1, 2007, the FPA merged with the Grocery Manufacturers Association and created the world’s largest trade association representing the food, beverages and consumer goods industry, the Grocery Manufacturers Association/Food Association, abbreviated GMA /FPA. January 1, 2008 The association has rebranded only under the single name “Grocery Manufacturers Association”and the former FPA office in Seattle, Washington, became independent on behalf of the Seafood Association. In 2020, the Association of Food Manufacturers was renamed the Consumer Brand Association (CBA).

Why was it necessary to create an association, what tasks does it set?

The experts clarifies that they want a full-fledged modern market of alternative food products to be formed. To achieve this, to accelerate development, it is possible only by combining efforts.

The Association faces many tasks — supporting manufacturers and developers, establishing contacts with sellers, increasing product awareness and gaining consumer confidence, developing legislation for better legal regulation of the innovative food industry.

Who can become a member of the association?

We unite the players of the food market who develop and create products based on vegetable proteins, without ingredients of animal origin — alternatives to meat, fish, milk, dairy products, confectionery and bakery products, snacks.

Also, the members of the association can be companies that are engaged in the isolation and purification of vegetable proteins, the production of functional ingredients that give the final product texture, taste, aroma.

They also support innovative developments in the cultivation of “meat in vitro”. This is not an easy process, as a result of which either a purely animal — cultivated product is obtained, or a hybrid, in which plant and animal components are combined.

The association’s partners are companies whose activities are aimed at developing the market of alternative food products.

Partners and members of the association are the first to receive the latest and up-to-date information about the state of the market, access to research conducted by the facility, learn about the initiatives and projects of the association, use all tools to promote their services and products.

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